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    The Hellfire Club

    Montpelier Hill, also known as the Hellfire Club, is well-known in Irish history. The Hellfire Club is the name given to the ruined but surprisingly intact building atop the mountain. The building was an old hunting lodge built around 1725 by William Conolly. On the slopes of this mountain is a forestry plantation known as Hellfire Wood, which consists of Sitka spruce, larch and beech trees.

    Originally there was a cairn with a prehistoric passage grave in the area where the building now stands, as a recent archaeological dig has uncovered. Stones from the cairn were taken and used in the construction of Montpelier Lodge. Shortly after completion, a storm blew the roof off. Local superstition attributed this incident to the work of the Devil, a punishment for interfering with the cairn. Montpelier Hill has since become associated with numerous paranormal events.

    The original name of the lodge has been displaced and the building is generally known as the Hellfire Club. When the lodge was damaged by fire, the members of the Hellfire Club relocated down the hill to the nearby Stewards House for a brief period. This building also has a reputation for being haunted, most notably by a massive black cat.

    Today Montpelier Hill and much of the surrounding lands, including Killakee Estate (now called Lord Massy’s Estate), are owned by the State forestry company Coillte and are open to the public.


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